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 JCB 3DX Super Fuel Injection Pump Fitting Instructions and Timing

The JCB 3DX Super Fuel Injection Pump is an advanced and highly efficient fuel delivery system designed for use in heavy duty construction equipment. To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, it is important to follow proper fitting instructions and timing when installing the fuel injection pump.

Step 1: Prepare the Engine

Before installing the fuel injection pump, it is important to properly prepare the engine. This includes cleaning the engine bay,head, fuel injectors, removing any debris or obstacles, and making sure all tools and supplies are readily available.

Step 2: Check engine timing

The first piston must be in top dead centre at the end of compression stroke , to make sure that the first piston is in top dead centre at the end of compression stroke , both valves of first cylinder must be closed (push rod freely moves when valve is closed) and fourth cylinder exhaust valve must be open (push rod is tight when valve is in open position).

jcb 3dx super backhoe loader engine timing

To confirm the engine timing the crank shaft should lock ( crank shaft lock is located at the bottom of crankshaft pulley, remove 6mm allenkey bolt and insert lock pin )

The lift pump pin is also pointing outside the block when engine is in perfect timing as shown in picture below

jcb 3dx super lift pump pin

Step 3: Check fuel injection pump timing

The shaft of pump must be locked at perfect position (i.e. The fip should inject fuel 16 degree before top dead centre at compression stroke).

check visually the position of shaft slot as shown in picture below.

jcb 3dx super fuel injection pump | Delphi

Step 4: Install the Fuel Injection Pump

Install the fuel injection pump onto the engine, unlock the fip shaft lock and engine crankshaft lock making sure to tighten all bolts and nuts securely. Connect the fuel lines and air intake back to the engine.

Step 6: Test the Fuel Injection Pump

After timing the fuel injection pump, it is important to test it to make sure it is functioning properly. This can be done by starting the engine and observing the fuel system for any leaks, issues or malfunctions.

In conclusion, following proper JCB 3DX Super Fuel Injection Pump fitting instructions and timing is essential for ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. By following these steps, you can ensure a successful installation and help extend the life of your engine.

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